Candy’s Old Yellow Heirloom Tomato


“Candy’s Old Yellow Heirloom Tomato is a new one to me this year. Its one of the best yellows I’ve had next to some yellow cherry tomatoes. The flavor is really intense and classic strong heirloom flavor. This next to most tomatoes, leaves other tomatoes tasting like water. Easily in my top 3 tomatoes of my 2015 year. When sampling tons of tomatoes this year, this one struck me with a “WOW!!”. Its honestly that good. Low in acid and easy on the digestive system, yellow tomatoes are usually fairly mild on flavor. Not this one, expect sweet but not overly sweet like a cherry tomato. Very rich on flavor and very well rounded. Fruits can be medium to very big in size. Beefsteak and determinant.”

– Jake

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