Giant Cape Gooseberry / Golden berry / Inca / Physalis / Uchuva Seeds


“If you can grow a tomato, this will be easy to grow for you. Gooseberries are small little berries that grow in a paper like bag. The plant produces 100’s of little paper lantern bags that are filled with these awesome little fruits. They grow from 1 to 8 feet tall. They produce fruit in the spring / fall and maybe the summer if it doesnt get to hot where you live. The flavor is very sweet, sugary and tart. I think it taste just like a orange at times. I can see why some people say this particular type is pineapple flavor.  I like the Giant Cape Gooseberry better than the normal smaller gooseberry, but thats only because I love citrus tones. Compared to husk cherries these have less of a tomato taste and more of a berry sweet/tart flavor. Gooseberries are known as a super fruit and provide vitamins a, b and c. The texture is much like a cherry tomato. Its so easy to grow, if you don’t pick all the fruits, often the plants will re-grow naturally the following spring. Being a perennial, the main plant will grow arger and produce year after year so no need to replant if you keep the original plant healthy.”

Note: This is not the same as the Husk Cherry


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10+ Giant Cape Gooseberry / Golden berry / Inca / Physalis / Uchuva Seeds


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