Goats Weed or Black Cobra Pepper Seeds (Hot)


These are VERY hot. Hotter than a thai, hotter than a serrano, hotter than most store habaneros. Probably around 50-100k on the scale. My favorite thing to do with these peppers are dry them and make flakes! They are the perfect pepper imo for that. They are usually harvested when green and black and cooked with. They really spice up salsa and all dishes. My selection is generations of selecting peppers for the blunt tip. An old mexican once told me thats how you know you are getting good ones. Some people call these peppers a Thai type, Mexicans often call them negro arbol or mouses tail. They are often even called black cobra. When I first got them I was told they were diablo chiles. They have to many names, but the most common is goats weed and black cobra. The plants grow tall and are extremely fuzzy. Pretty cool!!

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