Imre’s Heirloom Tomato


“My fathers personal variety he acquired from an old italian guy 30 years ago. Never sold.. but traded amongst fellow gardeners. My dad has grown this heirloom since. Now being the son of Imre… me.. Jake… put the name Imre’s Heirloom on it to recognize his dedication to gardening and preserving old genetics. Plants grow to 8 feet. These are not like romas or anything like that. They are amazing juicy heirloom 10/10 flavor tomatoes. I love them, everyone loves them. Imre would say… “try it because the skin is thin and the taste is great. The inside is perfection. It’s crack free and produces ripe fruit all year long. Just compare it to your favorite variety and see why Its my favorite tomato.”. This tomato is unidentified but is an heirloom from the past.

– Jake

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10+¬†Imre’s Heirloom Tomato Seeds


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