Indigo Kumquat f2 Cherry / Grape Tomato


“Ultra tasty grape type indigo tomatoes. Blue type Indigo tomatoes contain remarkably high levels of anthocyanin. This is a result of old school breeding techniques. This is not a GMO. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that are similar to the ones found in blueberries and other superfoods. Besides that, I love the yield and flavor on these. I’m partial to yellow / orange growing cherry varietys because they tend to be sweeter with the perfect amount of acidity. If you like that, you will love indigo kumquat! These are f2 seeds meaning the first cross was made, the seeds were saved. the cross was grown out as f1’s. From there the f1 tomatoes grow out, and the seeds are saved as f2s. these are f2’s. They are not 100% stable but they will grow some cool stuff pretty much similar but could be a little off. they are worth the grow, if you keep saving your favorite tomato plant, over time the genetics will stable. who knows what angle you could take these too if you find a little variation. save seeds!.”

– Jake

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10 + Indigo Kumquat f2 Tomato Seeds


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