Indigo Sun f4 Indigo Yellow Cherry Tomato Seeds


“So many tomatoes its unreal. A favorite of my 2014 grow. SUPER PRODUCER should be its name lol. The tomatoes are very sweet and excellent tasting. They are non cracking, high yielding, long lasting and tasty! New to the market created by PR Seeds, these things are awesome! Blue type Indigo tomatoes contain remarkably high levels of anthocyanin. This is a result of old school breeding techniques. This is not a gmo. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that are similar to the ones found in blueberries and other superfoods. Besides that, The flavor is what I look for when I grow yellow cherry types. I really love the yellow tomatoes. These are f4 seeds meaning the first cross was made, the seeds were saved. the cross was grown out to f2, and f3. The seeds were saved so the next generation will be f4.  They are fairly stable and are worth the grow, if you keep saving your favorite tomato plant, over time the genetics will stable. who knows what angle you could take these too if you find a little variation. save seeds!.”

– Jake

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10+ Indigo Sun f4 Indigo Yellow Cherry Tomato Seeds