Manzano Yellow Pepper Seeds (Hot)


“You gotta love the Yellow Manzano pepper. The flavor is very sweet much like a bell pepper only it packs a ton of heat. Thick walled, nice sized, and black seeds. Sounds crazy but its a specific type of chile pepper called capsicumĀ pubesents. They are a type of their own and are a must for any chile grower. My favorite way to eat manzanos is sliced up on a sandwich or added into salsa. The flavor is so sweet and good, yet the heat is there 100% (less than a hab but more than a serrano imo). Sometimes I get brave and just eat slices. If you get a slice with a little inner placenta, watch out lol, its extra spicy! ”


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10+ Manzano Yellow Pepper Seeds – Capsicum Pubescens


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