Matt’s Wild Cherry Heirloom Tomato


“Matt’s Wild Cherry is an amazing plant / producer. Expect 100’s and 100’s of fruit all year. Indeterminate with awesome flavor. The tomatoes grow in small clusters of 4-8 fruits and taste awesome!! I always take these on vacations because they last long and taste great with everything. Everything you enjoy about a cherry tomato is in this one. The plants grow tall and healthy. Expect 5-10 feet and reaching for the sky. They constantly produce tomatoes so the picking never stops. Each tomato is about 1/4 to 3/8″ with a medium skin. I can see why all gardeners give this one a go, its awesome! I cant stop eating them with cheese and crackers, bread turned to bruschetta’s, salsas, sandwiches, bbq’ed and more. They are awesome in flavor! ”



10+¬†Matt’s Wild Cherry Heirloom Tomato Seeds