NuMex Heritage 6-4 (Mild)


An awesome New Mexico roaster. If you like New Mexican Hatch chile, most likely you are eating this variety or another variety grown in hatch. Mild heat and meaty walls, these peppers grow up to 8″. Created to produce super yields with great flavor, The “Heritage” Version of the original 64 was created by the chile guys over at University of New Mexico’s breeding program.  The goal was to create a stable heat level with increased yields and still have all the quality’s needed to please a green chile eater and grower! After growing it myself I do say it produces HUGE amounts! I like it really spicy so I often eat the extra hot stuff, but I grow this type to please friends and family. Its an awesome chile to grow and get kids into eating since its a mild heat. Along side the other New Mexican green types this still gets a thumbs up on my end.


10 + NuMex Heritage 6-4