Jalapeño Yellow Spice (Hot)


“This is a fairly new pepper on the market. Developed by the University of New Mexico, the NuMex Lemon Spice Yellow Jalapeño produces great, tastes like a normal jalapeño and has a nice spice. Thick walled like a normal jalapeño, these are not a mild/low heat jalapeños at all. Its got a decent bite. This jalapeño may not be as long or large as some of the green types,  but its a heavy producer and its bright yellow color will add a color pop to salsas, stir fry’s, pickled items etc. Its a must grow if you normally grow jalapeños. I absolutely love the color. You will be the talk of the town showing off your yellow jalapeños!”



10+ NuMex Lemon Spice Yellow Jalapeño


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