Paul Robeson Heirloom Tomato


“My mother was the one who first told me of this type. She use to buy it at a local tomato plant sale in her town year after year because she absolutely loved them. Now I grow them and finally see what all the hype is about. No hype, its just an all round great tomato. Bi colored with amazing rich heirloom flavor. Everyone who grows it continues to grow it year after year. I try and grow only  the best types of tomatoes I can find. This fits the pattern perfect. Producing medium to large tomatoes, the P.R is a very tasty great producing tomato with top notch characteristics. I grew my plants in very small pots this year so If you grow this in the ground or a big pot, you should get even larger tomatoes than whats pictured.”

– Jake

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10+ Paul Robeson Heirloom Tomato Seeds


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