Gypsy Pepper Seeds (Sweet)


“I grew up eating the Sweet Gypsy pepper. As a kid I loved it!! as an adult I still love it!! Perfect sandwich pepper or just slice and eat. I am Hungarian so often we mixed gypsy peppers with Hungarian sweet / hot and banana peppers all into one dish. YUM. If you like sweet peppers, try this one. Its the best sweet around. Nice size, great production and a great flavor. Substitute it for bell peppers or anything other sweet wax type. The walls are not as thick as bell’s but they are still thick enough to give you a great crunch. Harvest them at anytime. The ones in the photo are an example very ripe Gypsy peppers. You can pick them when ever they get to a decent size. They stay green but if you leave them on the plant for a long time, they will show some color. Usually you harvest them all yellow with no orange but it doesn’t really matter to be honest. They taste great no matter what!!”



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10+ Sweet Gypsy Pepper Seeds